Do not wait, come? Elephant Fighting – Goal Result Malaysia Tigers Suzuki Cup 18th Anniversary

Thai national team statistics show that the goal and always result in “yellow shirts” Malaysia national team. In the ASEAN Cup for the first time in the AFF Suzuki Cup quarterfinals, the second match on December 5.

Elephant fighting is always Malaysia 0-0 at the Rajamangala Stadium. In the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, the second leg of the semi-finals only made the semi-finals, resulting in Thailand losing the home record with the Yellow Tigers in the national championship. ASEAN To lose the door And the result is always the first.

Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia, Thailand
2000 Thailand 2-0 Malaysia at the Rajamangala National Stadium(Semifinal)
2007 Thailand 1-0 Malaysia at Supachalasai Stadium (first round)
2008 Thailand 3-0 Malaysia at Surikul Stadium, Phuket (first round)
2012 Thailand 2-0 Malaysia at Supachalasai Stadium (Second Semifinalist)
2014 Thailand 2-0 Malaysia at the Rajamangala Stadium (First round finals)
* 2018 Thailand 2-2 Malaysia at the Rajamangala Stadium.(Second round finals)

However, if all the items that the Thai national team had lost to Malaysia last time back in 1978 (40 years ago) lost to score 1-2 so far, has never lost in the home.

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