I think it’s a lot to think about. I miss the penalty.

Adisak Kesri, head of the Thai national team, expressed disappointment after scoring the last minute of the game, giving Malaysia a chance to qualify for the 2018 Suzuki Cup

The game ended with a 2-2 score at Rajamangala Stadium. After the match in the first match at the home team of yellow shirts 0-0, elephants have to park the badge just the semi-finals. I have the opportunity to turn the situation in the last minute. When the ball hit the penalty. But the number nine shot back over the bar over the beam.

Adityak interviewed after the game with a face that did not fight well. “I can not speak.This is football. I will have to remember as a lesson. I want to fight it. I just missed it. I think a lot. It’s my lesson. I want to tell everyone that this rhythm should not be a lot like me. “

“I have to thank all the support from the Thai fans. I have been doing this for a long time. I do not want to miss it. It’s a lesson for me. “

For Suzuki Cup 2018 adidas hit the goalkeep 8 goals are high now. But we have to win more and more points because the national team to drop the playoffs.

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