keep walking! We have not lost any teams. But we are eliminated by the rules go door ‘

Milo Ranieri , head coach of Thailand “Chang Chang” players to move forward. After the semi-finals ASEAN Football Championship 2018

“Chang Chang” can not defend the ASEAN Championship after Malaysia beat the rivalry 2-2, the only sign of the quarterfinals after the game , Milo Ranieri said the Thai national team.

“We were not able to finish the final, so I was not satisfied. But it is a good experience. Congratulations to Malaysia. They are fit to pass the finals. After this I will focus and prepare the team for the Asian Championship early next year. “

“Malaysia demonstrates its commitment. And get the door to lead twice. But they can be rivaled both times. After losing the door, we were shocked. And have the opportunity to win when the penalty shootout. But we missed it. “

“In this match we have not lost any teams. But we are eliminated by the rules of the visiting team. Football We have to move on. “

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