‘Yellow Tiger’ made its debut! Head coach of Malaysia is watching the team thirst for the AFF Suzuki Cup.

Tan Zheng Hui, head coach of Malaysia, praised the “yellow shirts” that can always be raided by the Thai national team 2-2 to beat the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 finish.

The Thai game is ahead of Thitipan Tue Jan before the safari is a shot to the rivalry is 1-1 to half Thai to lead 2-1 from the rainy season, but Malaysia is chasing. 2-2 from Norwich, Rahd Haldalah, the game “yellow shirts” have to go to the penalty spot, but Adisak Kesri shot back across the beam to make that pass to Malaysia to win. Excellent with rules. The team

After the game, Zheng said to watch the team. “First of all, congratulations to all staff.Especially those who are all young people who do well. We want to remind everyone that they are good at home games. “

“We got the required score in the first half. That is always the Thai national team 1-1, so everyone is concentrating to play in the second half. And it works well. I will shoot the door. Get the desired result. “

“Every game in Malaysia is full of games. And hopefully the team will embrace this kind of play and thirst in the game. No matter what the outcome,

“I did not worry about the penalty shootout. Mohammad Faris believes that he has studied Adisak’s play so he hopes to be safe. But finally, it was Adisak who shot out the frame itself. “

“We are happy to be in the finals. Everyone is committed to going there. It’s about preparing the team for the final and who’s ready for the game. “

Yellow shirt fans have to play the Rajamangala Stadium.

Malaysia’s Nurhulul, the Malaysian forward, thanks to all the support and encouragement of the “yellow shirts” through the Thai national team into the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 final goal. hold

“Thanks to everyone, family, wife, coach and teammates for this wonderful night. We can pass him to the finals, “said the striker.

“The Thai national team last year was full of potential players such as Chanathip and Teerasil, but this time they have an adversary that is dangerous. Considered to remain a strong team. I’m glad we can beat them today. “

For Malaysia to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 to meet the winners between Vietnam and the Philippines to race tomorrow (6 Dec), the first game Vietnam won the first two wins. -1

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