BREAKING: Muangthong grabs ‘Aung Khao’, a quota of ASEAN launched this Dec.

SCG Muangthong United team giant Toyota Thai League confirmed to grab a good shot, the team to beat the Myanmar national team. Join the team is completed. The official launch on December 15.

Super 22-year-old Myanmar has been attracted by many clubs. After depositing his personal impressive with Polaris FC since the first season moved to the football in Thailand. When shooting up to 11 doors, pay 8 assists from 30 shots, however, he can not help the shield shields money saved from falling.

The last one is a swan that can grab aura to join the army is already. And there will be an official press conference on December 15 at SCG Newsroom at 13.00 onwards.

It is expected that the transfer team should take the form of a loan from Polis Terete FC,because the real deal of the pioneering Myanmar is with the Jada FC.

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