OFFICIAL: Natalee launches ‘Leandro Rodrigo’, former youth wing of Ajax

“Big Bird Destroyer” Chainat Horn launches “Leandro Rodent” 29-year-old Dutch wing to supplement the first foreign player quota. To prepare for the 2019 Thai League.

For “Leandro Resida”, the Dutch nationality wing is a former youth of the club Ajax Amsterdam. Before the age of U17-U19 before leaving to prove himself outside the hometown club “Yeovil Town” team in the lower league of England.

Then Leandro came back to his home country again, the league’s highest and leagues, whether it is VV Wee Shield, RKA, WVV, FC Emmen, FC Pour. The Star, the Quicksilver, FC Chabab, and before they were hired, Hornbill drew the team.

By the side of Mr. Anurit Nakasai Vice President and club manager. Talk to the army. “The team lost players like Henry Dębia, who is a major offensive player in the past season. The home is finding a substitute.

“So the past moment. The club has considered several players in that position. The decision to choose Leandro Dors. Become a member Last negotiated, Dennis Amato arrived with a private carriage from Germany, crossed over to Holland to negotiate with him and succeeded in moving to a larger bird nest. ”

“Leandro” is the first foreign player in the 2019 season. The Surinam lineage is similar to many other players such as Patrick Crisp and Edgar David. Clarence Seiffer ”

“This player is featured. In terms of speed and dominance of the ball. The most important is the statistics on the assists for teammates to score. We believe that the ability is not likely to be a secondary player such as the Wonder of Truth, Louis Vuitton and George Bajaj of Sukhothai FC. The highest season in the season. ”

“Hope Chainat fans” will support and encourage Leandro in the 2019 season to come.

“Leandro Castera” last season for the club “Al Sawa” team in the highest league of Oman. Interesting statistics shot up 18 goals and assists up to 25 times.

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